• Dixie of Dalesville

A tale for children or for adults? And if it were addressed to all? For here is a tale that arouses, regardless of age,reflection and exchange. It is specifically adressed to people who:

  • Feel different from other
  • Search for their own happiness
  • Are confronted with difficult choices
  • Have trouble forgiving
  • Experience great anxiety when confronted with change in life
  • Experience a period of mourning or a demanding sickness
  • Believe in the strenght of friendship
  • Like the companionship of animals.

The young dog Dixie has experienced all these emotions. The love of Charlie and the friendships of the animal friends from the forest, of whom Fred the groundhog and grandmother Binn the crow, guided her steps after many adventures and doubts, toward a new life where there is room for happiness. All of this shows that ordeals allow for reflection, for asking questions, for growing, and that friends are there so share difficult moments.


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Dixie of Dalesville

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